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No money for Christmas.

single mom3 started this conversation

I am a single mother, struggling to not make it but kids (especially my 3 year old son) has no idea. I don't want him to miss out this year just because I can't afford to buy him anything. I am typing and searching the internet for anyplace that might help to provide a Holiday Wish for a child that otherwise won't have one.

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littlelacie   in reply to monkey420
Hi,single mom3 has not been back on this site since 2006,so you probably will not hear from her.Resources that were helping with Christmas this year have stopped,sorry.
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Dear Santa, I just met my 2 niece's a my little. nephew, ones 12 the oldest girl the others 11 and the little guy is 8. I know that's a bad aunt but I'm here now. The family makes enough to pay the rent and bills and the rest of the money goes to food barely, the tree is up but empty. If your sled hasn't gone by please find a moment to stop by,which I have the polar express bell and I still hear it ring, I know Santa from the bottom of of empty tree list please don't forget these three kids. The mother helps her town but doesn't get paid so it makes things even harder and me myself I just got here from Vt and I have no job. I'm staying with them so I see who is naughty and nice. Thank you little elf's for all your help, Santa drive safe. Happy Birthday Jesus!
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woman in a shoe   in reply to Kiana S.
Hi all we can do is give information on here where u mite get help. I am sorry but the places that help with Christmas has stop for this year. But if they wear still helping they only help up to age 12.
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Kiana S.   in reply to rudbyduby
My name is Kiana, I have a 14 year old girl, who wants a phone adn a 12 year old boy, who wants some Jordan. But I have no money, Im flat broke. What do I do?

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I am a single mom too and even though my two kids. They are both teenagers but, they are my kids and I have zero, none, zilch money to get them Anything for Christmas. I work full time and every dime of my paychecks go to bills. My daughter is working and helps out way beyond what a 19 yr old should be having to do. I will even work and help out doing something in return for a couple of things. It could be worse too. We could be homeless or sick, but, we are not, thank you god!
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Lori H.   in reply to Aidpage12345
Love the words of encouragement!!!!
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Aidpage12345   in reply to Rubyboop
I woke up this morning and had a little talk with my spirit which dwells deep inside of each of us. Why? Well, I have a similar situation going on in my life. That feeling like a failure. After my talk, I realized that I have the greatest gift in the world! I am able to connect to a higher consciousness. I am not stuck with the "Gotta Buy" attitude! But, instead, I rekindled the attitude of "Love". It's free! You only have to express it in other ways! You will know what you have to do- if you truly want to express it. Have a joyous, healthy, happy holiday. Stay warm with positive thoughts!
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woman in a shoe   in reply to Kungfoo78
Hi all we can do is give u information where u mite get help. But i don't know anyplace that will help with a free lapop but check and see if a refurbished computer store where u live u can pick one up for like 70.00 and they work good i got one from one this year. Orher than that i don't know of any place
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Im a disabled mother and wish i had the the money to get a laptop so i could make money on line.i dont make enough for my daughter .the little money the goverment gives me we just skim by. If yu could help it would be appreciated
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I'm a singal mother of 6 LIL KIDS who will not have x-mas because my landlord lie in said that he fix up the house we move in and now we can't do get a house now because of my credit we can not aford to do x-mas looking to for sevice that can help me and my family.
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Claudiacaridad   in reply to lynski
Make them something I'm sure they'll appreciate it, it's not the gift nor how much you spend on it is what it means to you. At the closest dollar store without spending more than 10 dollars you can buy candy and make goodie bags just an idea; hope it helps ! :)
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moma0856   in reply to Mama321
mama321 your children are very blessed to have someone like you. I am sure they will all turn out to be wonderful human beings. I have been looking around the internet to see if we can adopt a family and stumbled on this site after looking at lots of sites where it seems like people are looking for a handout tugging at your heart strings. If more of those people were like you this world would be a different place. God bless you and keep doing what your doing. You will have a mansion in heaven for sure!
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singlemomof2KIDS   in reply to Mama321
Best advice I've read!
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raffraff   in reply to Mama321
Thank you for your words of wisdom, I am a single dad of three boys and havent had workIin 3 weeks, so what you said realy helped, thank you agine. Brad
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ilovemykids83   in reply to ilovemykids83
Please someone help me and my kids I'm gettin evicted to cause I lost my job its so hard all I wanna do Is cry.
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Hey everyone I'm a single mom of three beatuifull babies I've been strugling for three years ever since their dad left three years ago a week before the last baby was born.
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GenieoftheBurgh   in reply to lynski
what are the genders and ages of your grandkids?
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Grandmother of 2 on disability has no money to get my kids anything for christmas,I love my grandkids so much and I dont want to see them disappointed thank you
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isha sesay   in reply to godschild26
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keepingthefaithinfl   in reply to godschild26
How old are you godschild26? Sorry to hear about your parents passing. Have you thought about volunteering and spreading some Christmas cheer to those less fortunate, spread God's message and celebrate the true meaning of Christmas this year when you aren't able to get yourself the gifts you want?
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